Flex Condoms

Flex Condoms

Flex Condoms

Flex Condom is a premium brand of condom in Nigeria. The first hybrid condoms in Nigeria that offers a combination of flavours and textures at the same time. Aside from this exclusive offering, Flex condom also offers matchless variants for every Nigerian.

Flex Classic (far right)

Flex Classic condoms are ribbed and strawberry flavoured condom designed to provide extra sensation and heightened pleasure.

Flex Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is a premium studded and chocolate flavoured condom for maximum stimulation and thrill.

Flex Spice

Spice premium latex condom is an ultra-thin and strawberry flavoured condom designed to provide that natural feel.

Flex Pleasure Unlimited

Pleasure unlimited is a unique premium bubblegum flavoured condom offering extra pleasure and maximum delight.

Flex Stamina

Stamina is a Lidocaine treated condom offering longer lasting excitement.

Flex Treasure Island

Treasure Island is a combo pack of all flavoured variant offering three matchless delights in a box:

One Flex Spice Condom

One Flex Brown Sugar Condom

One Flex Pleasure Unlimited Condom

…… Rock Your Passion
You can get it in any pharmacy or store near you. You can call 07011980908 for bulk purchase.

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