Speed Reading : Covering 50 Pages in 1 Day.

Speed reading is NOT the act of running around with a book while reading… Not at all. It’s a technique for reading and covering many pages in a short while. I mentioned some of these techniques in the last post. How to Enjoy Reading: Reading Techniques. You can revisit the post and get some insights. […]

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Benefits of Reading - Things Fall Apart

How To Enjoy Reading : Reading Techniques

How’s your day going? And if I may ask, how many books have you covered this year? It’s just the 3rd week and you can still cover many books this year. Currently I’m reading “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe. He was an excellent writer; a master wordsmith. Chinua Achebe’s books hold you spellbound till […]

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The Benefits of Reading

Hi There! It’s the third week of the year and firstly, I would like to congratulate myself for completing the first book in the first week and second book, “The Richest Man in Babylon”…the second week. I guess I’m on track You can visit the Mini-Library in Lokogoma for a copy of this book. The […]

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