Thank you for your feedback and questions on how to register on This article is in response to them.

Firstly, we have upgraded our platform and processes; so you can currently register and add listing automatically on our platform without prior approval from our team.

Secondly, we have written this article to guide you on how to go about this. Remember that we can still enlist your business / products / services for you if you desire.

So How Do You Enlist Your Business / Product / Service?

Enlisting is a process of adding your business | products | services unto the platform. You enlist when you click on the “Add Listing” button on the menu. But you must first register on the platform.

The first step is register unto the website/platform and have a profile.

If you are already registered you can skip this steps and follow >> this link to see our easy step by step method on how to enlist or “Add Listing”

To register means you become an Acknowledged Vendor on the Platform and you can add, edit or delete only information concerning you and your business. You do not have access to editing the details of other Vendors.

To register, you require a functional email address and any password you wish to use.

How To Register

  1. Open a browser and type in, which leads you to the home page.

NOTE: When you visit the website from a mobile device, the menu options changes: check the samples below and see the buttons marked in red circles displayed from a mobile device.

The 3 line bar represents the menu
The Arrow represents “Sign In” button
The + Sign in green box represents “Add Listing”
The 3 line bar represents the menu
The Human Shape represents “My Account” button
The + Sign in green box represents “Add Listing”

2. To register, click on the “Sign In” Button on the top menu. A sign In widow would appear. Notice the Icon, this is what is available on the mobile device.

3. On the Sign in Page click on register. A register window would appear.

4. Fill in your details: email address and your choice password, click on the terms and condition box if you agree, and click the register button.

5. On successful registration, the “sign In button” on the menu bar would change to “My Account”. Notice that the Icon has changed. This is what is visible on the mobile devise.

At this point you are already registered but we recommend you update your profile. This would give your customers more information about you and what your business or service is about.

So fill in your phone number, location and information about what you do: your business | products | services.

Then click the “Save Changes” button!

On filling in your profile, click save!

Congratulations! You are now a registered vendor on

Now that you are registered follow >> this link to see how to enlist or “Add Listing”

Till we send out our next post, remember that we are here to assist you with enlisting your business, product or service on We can also post information concerning your upcoming events on our website.

Warmest regards,

John : Project Manager,
0802 354 2319, 0805 181 2277 : [Call | SMS | Whatsapp]


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