Lubrica -Water Soluble Sex Lubricant

Lubrica -Water Soluble Sex Lubricant

Lubrica is an effective water-based condom lubricant. Lubrica eliminates unpleasant
friction and eases vaginal dryness that might lead to discomfort or pain whilst creating
a sensual experience. Its major component is glycerine, which makes Lubrica,
slippery, gentle, and easy to clean up.
It contains ingredients that cannot break latex, silicone or other materials that
condoms are made out of. Lubrica can be mixed with wide arrays of condoms to
enhance your sensual pleasure offering that extra comfort and delight.
It is available in a 60ml bottle which holds about 20 applications.
You can get yours from any pharmacy or supermarket closest to you.You can also get it online on or or call 07011980908

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