School Property for Sale

School Property for Sale

A school in the out skirts of Abuja, along Maraba Axis in One-Man Village is up for sale!

The owner seeks to sell the whole property along side the educational facilities. The school was built and equipped to cater for Montessori Method of teaching. It has the various Montessori Teaching Aids.

The property comes with the following facilities and amenities:
(a)Nursery: 3 classrooms
(b)Primary :5 classrooms
(c)Junior Secondary: 3 classrooms
There is a computer/ library room
There are 102 students

All the Classrooms are tiled and have ceiling fans.
Toilets for students: 6 (All the toilets have WCs)

The Proprietor’s (Office has a toilet and a store.)
Principal’s office
Supervisor’s Office

The school has a submersible borehole with filtered water
There are MONTESSORI equipment
On the play ground there are swings, slides and merry-go-round

There are customized school wear uniforms, cardigans, sportswear and materials for school uniforms etc
There are graduation gowns for students

Asking Price: 50 Million

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